Holding the Strong Hand

European leaders shouldn’t have been surprised that Putin wasn’t concerned about Western sanctions, because it’s not like he didn’t know they were coming in response to his actions. The problem with always relying upon the same tactics is that the other side anticipates and prepares for them:

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was surprised by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s complete lack of concern about Western sanctions shortly after the outbreak of conflict with Ukraine, Bild has reported.

In an article on Monday, the German tabloid cited a conversation between Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, which was revealed by journalist Stephan Lamby in his new book ‘Emergency: Governing in Times of War’.

The exchange, in which the two leaders discussed their phone calls with Putin, is said to have taken place on March 4, 2022 – just over a week after Moscow sent its forces into Ukraine.

It’s “not getting any better,” Scholz reportedly told Macron during that conversation. “Something bothers me more than the talks: [Putin] doesn’t complain about the sanctions at all. I don’t know if he did that in conversation with you, but he didn’t even mention the sanctions,” he remarked.

The French leader replied that Putin hadn’t addressed the issue of Western restrictions during phone calls with him either. After listening to Scholz, Macron replied: “Thank you, that was very similar to the conversation I had with [Putin] yesterday. I think he is now quite determined to go to the end.”

Who would have thought that enforced autarky could benefit an economy? Perhaps Putin has some economists who have explained that free trade is deleterious, rather than beneficial, to most national economies in most historical situations. This should be obvious, considering that the financial vampires literally depend upon capital movements in order to parasitize the real economies and divert coporate profits into their own coffers, but 200 years of unrestrained economic propaganda has been so effective that national leaders are actually basing their geopolitical strategy on inverted and incorrect assumptions.

I do find it mildly amusing that neither Scholz nor Macron grasped the obvious consequence of Putin’s lack of interest in discussing the sanctions that were supposed to be their devastating economic weapon. While Scholz appears to have had an inkling of why the Russian President was so unconcerned, apparently it wasn’t strong enough to look seriously into the matter or to revisit his assumptions.

We know the leaders of the Western puppet governments are retarded and totally incapable of successfully anticipating events or the obvious consequences of their actions. Putin knows they’re retarded. Xi, who is the smartest of all the world leaders according to Lew Kwan Yew, obviously knows they’re retarded.

But no one ever suspected they were this retarded.