Russia: Two Predictions

ANON: Peace plan. Lines on the map stay where they are. general cease fire. Ukraine stops all pursuit of war crime stuff. Ukraine joins EU, but not NATO. Reset button over a few years on sanctions, and attempt to have a non-adversarial relationship. Security guarantees on both sides. Acceptable?

VD: No chance. There is no peace plan. WWIII is already well underway. The only reason the neocons want a peace plan with Russia is so they can focus on China. But China and Russia are perfectly aware of the divide-and-conquer plan.

ANON: So peace will come when? Russia retakes the Soviet-controlled area?

VD: Peace won’t come until the USA and NATO surrender. Right now, the USA is actively pivoting to China, but having to fend off both Iran and Africa.

ANON: Nukes will fly first in Europe

VD: I don’t think so. When push comes to shove, the USA will give up Europe. The US already is actively avoiding direct conflict with Russia and dangling “hey, keep what you’ve got” in front of them. If you read the military think tanks, they’re all screaming “CHINA CHINA CHINA!”

ANON: You are assuming that all of the various EU countries will accept Russian rule.

VD: No, not at all. Russia doesn’t need or want to rule them. They want them to stop sanctioning them economically at the US demand. The US isn’t even planning to fight Russia. They’re planning to have Poland do it.

ANON: Russia has made it clear it wants the old Soviet borders and has a right to them.

VD: Russia can take all of Europe. It could have done so before. It won’t unless the Europeans are dumb enough to force them to do it. The reason the US will let Europe go is because it’s not even strong enough to beat China alone. And China is a threat in a way Russia is not.

ANON: I’m going on the record now that Russia will not and cannot take the old Soviet borders and conquer Europe. You are wrong. You are correct that the US cannot contest the South China Sea alone, but the US, Philippines, Australia, Japan, S. Korea, and Vietnam can hold off China or make it so painful to take.

VD: Here’s my prediction: China will take Taiwan without barely firing a shot. The US will not commit more than 10k additional troops to Europe. The EU and NATO collapse, and most of the current European governments are replaced with BRICS-friendly nationalist governments. The question is if any other fronts go hot. If China gets greedy, they’ll go for Australia, which will involve war with the USN. Japan, Vietnam, and S. Korea will all refuse to back the USN, Australia and the Philippines will.

ANON: We’ll see.

VD: The great unknown right now is if China and Russia mean what they say about multipolarity. Have they learned from the ultimate failures of the British and American empires or not?