Fake Man South of Richmond

Are they actually faking the non-ticket takers now?

Promoted algorithm boosted “based” red beard hillbilly song guy was faking his accent and says diversity is our strength.

Never forget that it’s strategic doctrine for a certain group to always seek to control the opposition. And it’s also customary for that controlled opposition to use apparent euphemisms in the place of direct and more commonly-used labels. Hence “great architect” and “rich men north of Richmond” and so forth.

Now, I don’t have an opinion on whatever the guy’s name is because a) I don’t listen to country music, b) I purposefully avoid whatever the latest conservative enthusiasm is because it’s usually stupid, insipid, or fake, and c) absolutely nothing is going to save the United States, not a politician, not a law, and definitely not a singer. Not even the Second Coming will save a state that is no longer a nation.

Anyhow, it appears that Big Bear continues to bat 1.000. The lesson, as always, is this: everything viral is manufactured. Everything. Nothing goes viral in the mainstream without preparation, authorization, and approval.

From SG: Will you retards learn from this or will you ONCE AGAIN fall for the next obvious ticket taker that says some mildly true things? I’m gonna guess the second thing.

UPDATE: Big Bear explains in more detail.

The #1 way the (((rich men north of Richmond))) undercut the wages of the people Oliver Anthony is impersonating is mass migration.

The fact he said America is a melting pot and “diversity is our strength” means he’s fake. And by fake I mean he’s an ad campaign. An actor. Not authentic. Kind of like Mickey Mouse at Disney.

It isn’t “white supremacy” that makes the demographic hes impersonating hate migrants, it’s the fact the migrants destroy their ability to make a living.

The songs first line is “I’ve been selling my soul.” If you people don’t get better at recognizing this stuff, according to their religion they have a right and duty to turn you into cattle and cull you if they want.

No one who’s ever chanted “build the wall” would ever say “diversity is our strength.” It’s physically not possible