When Gunboat Diplomacy Fails

Apparently the Iranian military was not impressed by the overwhelming show of force by the US Navy, and now the US Navy would very much like the Iranians to please stop bullying their gunboats.

Dozens of Iranian drones and speedboats swarming two US Navy ships near the Persian Gulf after Washington sent them in to deal with Iran’s renewed threat against one of the world’s most important waterways, dramatic new footage has revealed.

Iran’s navy sent the small vessels to confront the USS Bataan and the USS Carter Hall in the fraught Strait of Hormuz, which sits between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, according to a video published on Saturday.

The speedboats were manned with armed soldiers from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and came within inches of the ships, while drones also taunted the ships and managed to snap pictures right above them.

Chopped up footage taken from several of the drones and speedboats showed Iranian soldiers speaking in a mix of English and Farsi, while a US soldier can be heard through garbled radio responding to the swarm of vessels, though it is unclear exactly what was said.

Iranian media outlets claimed that the confrontation forced helicopters to land back on the Americans ships. The ships, a helicopter carrier and a support vessel that were carrying more than 4,000 American troops between them, were sent to the Gulf in response to Iran’s continued threats of seizing commercial ships in the region.

NATO and the US Air Force have already been exposed as a paper tigers. It’s obviously the US Navy’s turn next. The only surprise may be that it could be Iran that sinks the first US warships, instead of China.

Or, you know, Israel.