Immigration Blight in London

In 1948, London began to import foreigners en masse, and now Central London is hollowing out in precisely the manner that the large American cities did in the 20th century. Demographically, the city is now approximately where Detroit was in 1973. Assuming the pendulum doesn’t swing back violently, it will look like Detroit does now by 2060.

Crime rates on Oxford Street are surging as what was once London’s top shopping district falls into disrepair, Marks & Spencer’s operations director has warned. Sacha Berendji described how the road had once been ‘the jewel in London’s shopping crown’ but now had ’empty shops, littered streets and fewer visitors’.

He said shocking scenes of social media-fuelled carnage this week as young thugs attempted to loot stores in the area were ‘another reminder of how bad things are’.

After shops shut as yobs tried to barge their way in, Mr Berendji told the Telegraph: ‘The street was practically locked down by police to prevent major unrest planned on social media. Londoners know that something must be done to save Oxford Street.’

The chaos in Central London echoes robberies and flashmob looting across the US in recent years, which has been organised through TikTok – while major cities such as San Francisco and New York are becoming crime-ravaged and drug-infested.

It comes amid a battle to save Oxford Street, which is one of the biggest victims of the slow death of the High Street across Britain. It has been overrun in recent years by tacky sweet shops that have replaced household names and blighted the area.

It’s remarkable how no people anywhere around the world appear capable of learning from the examples set by others. Everywhere blacks, Arabs, and Asians have been imported, the standard set by the native populace has not merely been degraded, but disintegrated to the point that none of the natives will even set foot there anymore.

Frankly, it’s astonishing to me that immigrants and refugees aren’t already being shot on sight in cities like Tokyo and Shanghai. As wealth and power shifts to the East, the flow of mass immigration will follow them, and the process of immigration blight will begin there.

No dirt is magic. The characteristics of a place are determined by its people, and people are defined by their genetics, not their geographic location.