A Classic Clown World Caper

Whenever anything is fake, gay, and beyond retarded, you know Clown World must be involved somehow. These “peace talks” in Jeddah make the endless, pointless Israeli-Palestinian peace talks look substantive and meaningful by comparison.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hosted a summit of 42 nations over the weekend to draft principles for the end of Putin’s War in Ukraine. Russia was not invited to the talks, but China and the remainder of the BRICS group sent delegations. The talks concluded with a statement of principles, and the group agreed to meet again in the next few weeks and that Russia would be excluded from the process.

Ukraine Peace Talks Move Forward With China Present and Russia Excluded, RED STATE, 7 August 2023

This is as if Germany, Italy, Romania, Norway, Finland, and Japan had met at Yalta to discuss the terms for the end of World War II. Personally, I suspect China only attended because none of the Standing Committee could believe that it was real and they wanted to read the transcripts just for the comedy.

Foreign Minister: Now we should discuss the matter of this invitation from the Saudis to the peace talks.

Prime Minister: What do our friends in Moscow say?

Foreign Minister: The Russians are not invited.

Security Minister: Is Lukashenko representing the Union State, then?

Foreign Minister: Belarus isn’t invited either.

Political Minister: So who is offering the terms?

Foreign Minister: Apparently Zelensky, by the looks of them.

Prime Minister: And they’re offering these terms to Russia?

Foreign Minister: Yes.

Prime Minister: To the side that is actually winning the war?

Foreign Minister: Yes.

Prime Minister: And they delusional?

Economics Minister: Jane Yellen’s proposals were less hallucinatory than this and she was on ‘shrooms.

Foreign Minister: So we’re not sending anyone?

Prime Minister: Are you kidding? Tell Li Hui to make sure he gets this on video! It will be even funnier than that time Chen sent a pair of Brazilian trannies to Hunter Biden’s hotel room and he was too cracked out to notice.

Foreign Minister: Right. And we’ll release the usual statement afterwards, of course.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Remarks on China Attending the Meeting in Jeddah on Ukraine

The Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs had extensive contact and exchanges with participating parties, made clear China’s position and propositions, listened to the opinions and advice from various parties, and worked for more common understandings on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. China’s positive role in promoting talks for peace was fully recognized. China will continue to act in the spirit of the four principles, joint efforts in four areas and three observations proposed by President Xi Jinping, work on the basis of the document of China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis, enhance dialogue and communication with all parties, and contribute to the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

I’ll admit it, the diplomatic statement made me laugh. While it may not initially strike the average reader as amusing, it is if you happen to have made a regular habit of reading Chinese diplomatic responses. By changing just a few words, it could easily pass for the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Remarks on the Situation in Niger, the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Remarks on Media Reports that Italy Is Considering Not Renewing the Belt and Road Cooperation Document, or the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Remarks on the Breaking of a Window of the Chinese Embassy in Odessa That May Have Been Caused by a Russian Hypersonic Missile or Perhaps by a Careless Romanian Cleaning Lady Who is Known to Drink Țuică While She Works.

I don’t know what the eventual terms will be when the Kiev regime finally admits the obvious and surrenders while there is still the possibility of an independent Ukrainian state and before the land is entirely divided up between Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia. But I’m confident they won’t very closely resemble the terms now being proposed in Jeddah.

UPDATE: These two quotes from the article should suffice to demonstrate how utterly clueless Red State conservatives are about the global geostrategic situation in general, and the Ukrainian military situation in particular.

The advertised purpose of the conference was to pave the way to a durable and equitable peace agreement. Equitable, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. Those folks who believe that Russia was “tricked” into or “forced” to invade Ukraine because of NATO shenanigans orchestrated by Bond-villain Victoria Nuland will view “equitable” quite differently from people without substance abuse issues…

Ultimately, I think something like Zelensky’s 10-point will be the subject of an international conference. I think part of any final deal will be a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine and Ukraine’s admission into the EU and NATO bolstered in the short run by security guarantees furnished by the G-7.