Electric Vehicles and Digital Currencies

The global push for electric vehicles is no different than the push for digital currencies. It’s all about control. As we’ve seen in everything from picture-posting services to bank accounts, the state wants its agents – which, you will recall, includes corporations – to be able to deny anyone the ability to utilize even the most basic services at any time.

It’s probably already possible to externally turn off most modern cars with electronic starters, but those systems are easily bypassed. The combination of an electric vehicle with a two-way communications system means that the use of the vehicle can be easily denied, thereby enabling a future form of serfdom wherein the individual cannot travel without the express permission of his master.

So stop assisting the construction of this wicked system of centralized technocratic control. Buy an older used car. Carry cash and pay with it for everything possible. Refuse to patronize stores that don’t accept legal tender and be sure to inform the owner his loss of a customer. Reject convenience when it comes with control. Encourage others to do the same.

Clown World is in the process of collapsing, so there is no need to submit to its demands or regard its rule as inevitable.