Ticket-Taker Taken to Task

It’s educational to note that Steven Crowder’s marriage abruptly disintegrated and his past misbehavior was exposed after he refused to submit and kiss the ring at the Daily Wire:

One former Louder with Crowder employee told Mediaite that during his time on the show, he received unsolicited, sexually graphic texts that included photos of Crowder’s genitalia. Those texts and images were reviewed by Mediaite.

“In the moment we dismissed it as sort of frat boy humor. In hindsight, it’s super creepy and felt groomer-ish,” the ex-employee said.

“It always felt like childish behavior in the moment that then felt predatory in hindsight,” he explained. “Like he was always testing people’s comfort levels with that kind of behavior. Because he was the boss though and he had no accountability, it just continued to happen. There was no one trusted to complain to.”

In addition to receiving unwanted sexual text messages, the former employee alleged that Crowder habitually exposed himself to other male staffers, a claim backed up by two other sources.

“In regards to exposing himself in general, to my knowledge, he only exposed himself to male staffers. It happened all the time. It was a regular occurrence. It usually happened when he was in a really good, sort of manic mood. So while we all were disgusted by it and it was never welcomed, it was preferable to him being in a bad mood and how he treated people in that state,” the former staffer said.

“Steven never explained it. We never talked about it. It would just happen, and everyone would either throw out a fake uncomfortable laugh or show clear disgust which Steven interpreted as his reward for what he did,” he continued. “The more disgusted everyone seemed, the more pleasure he seemed to get from it. It’s like he couldn’t understand that we weren’t in on his ‘joke.’”

Remember that binary thinking is reliably false. There are no good guys here. Crowder, like Shapiro, is a manufactured creature, the main difference is that Crowder, for whatever reason, began finding the yoke imposed upon him to be unbearable and sought to shake it off. But once you take the ticket, you cannot simply decide to untake it and free yourself from the various obligations and obediences you have agreed to assume.

This is why those whom the media proclaims to be “successes” can be reliably assumed to be fake, gay, and in most cases, criminal, because their hidden pasts are their literal hostages to their future fortunes. I was told this in oblique fashion when I was 21 by someone who absolutely grokked the system, only I didn’t understand what I was being told at the time.

Only those whose talent is absolutely undeniable, and whose achievements do not require being granted to them by some third party, can be assumed to be organic and legitimate these days. There is a reason so many “stars” admit to having imposter syndrome, and it is because they are, in fact, imposters.