Promises, Promises

The US State Department makes a dubious promise to Poland.

Washington will defend Poland in case of an attack from abroad, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters on Monday, commenting on rumors that fighters from the private military company Wagner, currently stationed in Belarus, wanted to “go on tour” in the neighboring state.

I don’t know how much you should read into [that],” Miller said. “I would just reiterate that our alliance with Poland is strong. Poland is a NATO member, of course, and we will defend, if necessary, every inch of NATO territory.”

US makes NATO pledge to Poland, 25 July 2023

Considering that Washington has been afraid to even sent its best air and armor to Ukraine for fear of having their lack of quality exposed to the world, I think we can state with confidence that the US is not going to send any troops to take on Wagner if the PMC decides to go on an Eastern European tour that has absolutely nothing to do with accomplishing Russian objectives.

Especially in light of the pivot to China that is being urged by some of the more rabid neoclowns. Regardless, the Poles would be wise to recall the last time a fading empire promised to defend it from its neighbor.

As Hitler pressed Poland for the return of Danzig, stripped from Germany after World War I, and demanded rail and road transit to the city across a “Polish Corridor” also taken from Germany, Warsaw, encouraged by British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, refused even to negotiate. The Poles were assured that if war came, Britain would be at their side. But when Hitler invaded Poland from the west and Stalin invaded from the east, Britain declared war on Germany alone. Then, the British sat behind the Maginot Line while Poland was crucified. The British had goaded the Poles into standing up to Hitler though they had no plans to save or rescue Poland. Six million Poles would die as a result of having trusted in a British alliance.

It’s educational to remember that despite having promised to defend Poland, the British didn’t even declare war on the Soviet Union after the Soviets invaded their ally. The deep history of the world lies beneath those little anomalies.