Fear of a BIC Planet

The lead SJW at IDW – which is struggling to survive, by the way – is terrified of intrepid Bounding Into Comics reporter Jon Del Arroz:

I just got out of the IDW Star Trek Comics panel and you’ll never believe what happened when I got in there. Heather Antos, the editor of the Star Trek line at IDW, went and talked to employees at IDW. They had people flank me in my seat and actually sit next to me, very uncomfortably. They were looking at my laptop, looking at what I was writing, and it was obvious that they were trying to intimidate me at that point. They rushed the panel, they did the whole thing, they did not take any questions whatsoever, and people sat next to me forcing me to stay in inside in an interior seat while Antos ran out of the panel at the end.

Then they had security outside standing there with guns, obviously they called security on me for being a journalist here and doing my job for bounding into Comics, just trying to talk about Comics. I don’t know what these people are afraid of, I don’t know why people within the comic industry act like this, but this is what they’re doing.


It is amusing to think what they would do if Arkhaven showed up there in force one day. Not that we would ever bother to do so, but it’s an entertaining thought. Speaking of Arkhaven, Arktoons just blew past 13 million views so easily that no one even noticed. This, my friends, is progress, the sort of slow and steady progress that wins in the end.

In other comics news, CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON has been ordered for all the backers and will be going out to the shipping centers next week. The 308-page omnibus collects all 12 issues written by The Legend. If you’re a backer whose address has changed in the last three years, be sure to email castaliashipping AT gmail DOT com and let us know. Non-backers resident in the USA can now purchase either the hardcover or the paperback at Arkhaven.