The Ink Wall Crumbles

Once more, we learn that /pol/ is always right. The “BBC Presenter” is confirmed to be Huw Edwards, the presenter of BBC News at Ten.

Huw Edwards’ wife Vicky Flind names him as BBC star at centre of ‘£35k sex pics scandal’: Statement issued on presenter’s behalf claims he is in hospital suffering from ‘serious mental health issues’ – as Met Police say ‘no offence has been committed’

It’s just so obnoxious to see how the media doesn’t hesitate to go out of their way to identify people of whom they don’t approve, while fighting like rabid dogs to hide the identities of celebrities and their fellow media figures whenever they are accused of wrongdoing of some kind.

Stars rally round Huw Edwards as John Simpson and ex-BBC stars Dan Walker and Jon Sopel share support for their former colleague.