Why Nothing Works Anymore

A former Boieng employee shows how diversity is actively – and literally – destroying US industrial capacity:

I quit my job as an Aerodynamicist at Boeing today.

Just a week short of ten years.

The path to today started back in summer 2021, when a new employee named Jamal (his real name, folks) was assigned to my aerodynamics engineering section. Before Jamal, everybody in aero possessed engineering & related science degrees (physics in my case), some of us had an MS, and our lead held a Ph.D.. Jamal held a degree in “Aerospace Science Engineering”, which we ultimately learned was an extremely, extremely, extremely watered down version of an Engineering Technology program.

My department head was told by his leadership that Jamal was “going to be an aerodynamicist”, despite having only indoctrination-level exposure to the discipline (basic aero, at Tuskeegee U, is given during the junior year). Totally not an affirmative action hire, right?

In the year the followed, we steadily kept Jamal from the critical work which he proved from day one complete lack of understanding. We had him doing only basic data entry in Excel. He was literally useless to us in every way.

Back in May, shortly after trying to get Jamal reassigned to a different section, our section lead was terminated by the company after serving 29 years. They told us that he “started his retirement early”. While this is factually accurate, it was glaringly evident that for stating our collective concern for Jamal, our boss was painted as a racist, and forced out. Because diversity.

Not even a week later, we received our new boss, “Miss Shanika”, as she wanted us to address her as. She wasn’t even an engineer by education or trade. She was a redundant data archival specialist. You can’t make this up.

For those tuned in, to give you a clue to her ethnicity, White, Asian and Hispanic women aren’t named “Shanika”, nor do we casually tell people to precede our first names with a salutation.

Within days, “Miss Shanika”, looking out solely for her own kind, made ‘Jamal the Useless’ team lead of my project, demoting me. I was told that “he earned the opportunity”. Four days later, approximately 724GB of MatLab-processed wind tunnel & CFD data was rendered unuseable. It took three of us to find out that the code script somehow got fucked up. The worst part was that Shanika threw the three of us under the bus for the data corruption, complete with written repremands, and given a timeline to fix it. Fortunately, we had a copy of the script and was able to reprocess the data, fully completing the sub-project two weeks ago.

But happened to Jamal? Well, just a week after we unfucked the mess, he was given commendation directly from Boeing corporate leadership for “Unparralleled Excellence in Leadership, for going above & beyond by finding a problem in data and fixing it, saving the company untold time and millions in the process!”

Here, as they say, is where it gets kinda interesting…

One of my colleagues found out why/how/when…and who, fucked it all up. It wasn’t Jamal. Rather, it was Shanika who did it, from the comfort of her own home (according to IT).

Yeap, that’s right, folks- gigabytes worth of data; company intellectual property worth tens of millions of dollars, was deliberately sabotaged in a blatant effort to promote an undereducated, totally incompetent token employee, and make us out to be the bad guys.

The materialist crowd that believes greed and the desire for money is the primal cause of all evils is going to have a hard time explaining this sort of thing, just as they can’t explain why “stupid” companies like Disney just keep happening to make massive money-losing films that can’t possibly appeal to their primary markets. But just as good Christian white men put their ideals above their financial interests when the two happen to conflict, so too do others.

It’s just that their ideals happen to be very, very different than those of good Christian white men.

Not that Mr. Singh appears to be a good Christian white man. What actually happened here appears to be a case of red-on-red, or to be more accurate, black-on-brown.