Better Late Than Never

A psychiatrist admits that psychiatry is a fake science:

I’ve been practicing psychiatry for 38 years. I love my job, my peers, and my patients. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m participating in the biggest intellectual scam of this era. We claim to be a science, but have no understanding how thought or behavior is generated.

Many billions of dollars are spent each year in an industry built on a corrupt body of pseudoscience, cultivated and exploited by monied interests for decades. This scientific fraud has been more successful than any other of our day. Our diagnoses are contrived by our guild,

the APA, with the collaboration of monied interests—and are so unrelated to actual science that they are copyrighted and published to profit that organization.

In the process of selling a corporatist, medication-oriented model of treatment, psychiatry has been stunningly successful in redefining what it means to be a human being. Meanwhile, 20 years of peak psychiatry has resulted in a 30% increase of suicide in the United States—and American psychiatry has absolutely nothing constructive to say about it.

I’d place more confidence in astrology, phrenology, and haruspicy than in psychiatry or psychology. It’s a fake science concocted by a pervert who was projecting his own perversions on humanity. This was always obvious, but what is less obvious is that Keynesian economics is Freudian psychology applied to the economy.

Which makes all modern economics equally fraudulent, since it is Paul Samuelson’s quantification of John Maynard Keynes’s Freudian construct.