Whoever Could it Be?

The mainstream media is already attempting to cover for Hunter Biden:

The Secret Service is carrying out fingerprint and DNA analysis of a bag of cocaine found at the White House to track down its owner.

It comes after the Biden family showed a united front on the Truman balcony for Independence day inviting recovering drug addict Hunter Biden and the rest of the clan to enjoy a dazzling fireworks display.

The dime-sized bag was discovered on Sunday in a cubby hole in the lobby area of the West Wing, where visitors leave their cell phones and other electronics before entering the White House complex.

Even Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot working together couldn’t solve this mystery.

I note that my father served 12 years in prison for not paying taxes on 30 percent less income than Hunter Biden will spend precisely no time in prison for not paying.

The USA can no longer be considered a democracy in any sense, political or legal. Although one can’t reasonably call it an aristocracy either, given the extreme mediocrity of the ticket-takers who are deemed an elite above the common law.

At this point, debaucherocracy might be the more accurate term.