Debacle in Rostov

Warren Balogh also observes a few obvious things about the short-lived threat that a mercenary company would change sides in response to a lucrative offer:

So let me get this straight

1. Prigozhin, the leader of the mutiny, is Jewish.

2. Standing ‘directly behind him.’ according to Russian nationalist Igor Clrkn, is Sergey Kiryenko, Putin’s Deputy Chief of Staff, who also happens to be Jewish and the grandson of a highly decorated Jewish Bolshevik Cheka terrorist

3. This comes just as the big offensive is being launched from Ukraine, under the Jewish junta of Vladimir Zelensky

4. All this is happening against the backdrop of Russa building closer ties to Iran, which threatens Israel.

5. The flag of the Wagner mercenary corps Is being hoisted in Ukraine.

6. Anne Applebaum, the biggest Jewish neocon war hawk against Russa at the Atlantic, is calling this Putin’s Tzar Nicholas moment.

The whole thing smacks of desperation on the part of Clown World. I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if Prigozhin’s disastrous attempt to switch sides was related to that $6 billion in US funds that was recently reported to have gone missing. But, in retrospect, the attempt was always doomed.

There is no force on this Earth that can survive Jim Cramer’s cheerleading. Not even when he spells the name wrong.