Wednesday Arktoons

ALT★HERO Episode 77: Battle Plan


FAIRY DOOR Episode 26: Vi’s Price

A MIND PROGRAMMED Episode 24: Medical Emergency

THE TUNNELS OF WOE Episode 1: Chapter 1: The Nameless Thing

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 257: Details Are Sketchy

We’re pleased to welcome two new series, THE TUNNELS OF WOE and THE LOST ERA TRANSCRIPTS. The TRANSCRIPTS are not a comic, but rather, a graphic record of the world we have lost, as explained in the Introduction.

Pete Hampton was a wildly eccentric, some would say ‘mad’ genius. He was a painter, naturalist, and showman. His paintings and stories told of his adventures in the Puente Hills in Whittier, and La Habra Heights, California.

As a child, Pete displayed a passionate love of nature, and a tremendous talent for depicting the world around him. In his youth he saw this pastoral corner of Southern California give way to the post WWII housing boom. Miles of grove land, and the beautiful hillsides fell to housing tracts, and shopping malls. Pete’s life became a mission. He was determined to save the remaining hills from development.

To accomplish this mission he painted thousands of pictures of the life and countryside he grew up in. He created slide shows of his paintings in the hope that people would see his shows, and be inspired to join him in his crusade.

The Lost Era slide show was begun in 1961, but never completed. In the archives of Pete’s work I discovered the hand written note books and fragments of the narration for the show, along with hundreds of paintings that accompanied the narrative. I have re-created the slide show here in book form in The Lost Era Transcripts.

Through Pete Hampton’s art you will view one of the untouched pastoral corners still remaining in mid-century Southern California.

You’ll get an intimate look into the strange world of this most eccentric genius, a world of transcendent beauty, and breath taking terror.