The Great Coincidence of Clown World

An anonymous reader at an anonymous site asks the most pertinent obvious question facing humanity today:

“How is it they all seem to be reading the exact same script?”

Any study of human nature will show that on pretty much every topic under the sun, a sizable minority of people will not follow the herd – and I mean a sizable minority. Look at elections for Chief Bossman in any not-terminally-corrupt democracy, including the USA til about 1991. No matter how beloved the Winner Bossman is, no matter how much free shit he promises to the masses, it’s very rare for him to get more than 67% of popular vote. VERY rare. The biggest popular landslide in US history was LBJ in 1964, and he “only” got 64%. The biggest US electoral landslides were Nixon ’72 or Reagan ’84, depending on who you ask, and those guys still only got right around 60% of the pop vote. 1 in 3, 4 in 10 people stayed off those big-ass bandwagons. Why? Because that’s how human nature works. And that is a LOT OF people doing that.

Except when it comes to modern politicians and modern bureaucrats and modern general/flag officers and modern extremely rich guys. THEN, they’re ALL – 99%++ – on the same page, 100% of the time. This is a direct contradiction of basic human nature, and as such…. it’s impossible.

I, too, have pondered this very question. Compounding the mystery is the fact that not only does every politician, journalist, corporation, executive, and celebrity read from the same script, but they also shift their positions when the narrative demands it in almost perfect lockstep. They were all against gay marriage until they had always been for it. They were all deeply and abidingly concerned about Covid until one day, suddenly, when they weren’t.

Now they are celebrating Gay Kwanzaa with more public enthusiasm than they’ve shown for any genuine holiday since they were children awaiting Santa’s imminent arrival.

The anonymous questioner suggests two possible explanations: demons or aliens with future tech. Needless to say, there is considerably more evidence in support of the former. And, as we have been reliably informed, there are no coincidences.