Ron is the New Jeb

The DeSantis campaign is reported to be telling donors that it is going to “move to the middle” in the unlikely event that the Florida governor wins the Republican nomination. It even reported to have adopted the Clinton slogan of abortion being “safe, legal, and rare”.

Wow the entire desantis donor strategy session from their Miami globalist retreat leaked. To summarize the leak:

  1. Team DeSantis know they’re in trouble and claim that 35% of voters are with Trump 10000% no matter what.
  2. They basically tell donors that they’re pretending to run to the right of Trump right now so they can try to trick MAGA voters into supporting him but he fully plans on pivoting to the center if nominated.

Even worse, there is circumstantial evidence that the campaign paid the Babylon Bee in order to get a pro-Trump employee fired.

The Babylon Bee took money from Desantis, then turns around and fires an openly pro-Trump employee (
@GavinWax) bc the campaign demands it. How is this any different than leftist companies?

As I already observed some time ago, Ron Desantis is not on the side of Americans or Christians. He’s just another Bush with a different last name.