Elon Musk Lied to You

Karl Denninger proves, conclusively, that Elon Musk is not “adamant about defending free speech” no matter what he claims to be.

I posted the following about his new CEO in response to the NY Post (they asked “who is this chick?”):

@nypost A: A WEF lackey and jab-happy mastermind who in fact conned 2/3rds of this nation, on purpose, into taking said jabs under false pretense. She deserve the gallows but then again Musk has billions of reasons to not care about the PEOPLE in this country and, indeed, worldwide.

This drew me an INSTANT 12 hour suspension for “harassment.”

It is, according to Twitter, harassment and “abusive behavior” to factually state that she is indeed a WEF lackey (she JUST spoke there) and that she in fact while at NBC Universal, as her last major project, did indeed work to advertise and promote the jabs — which we now know were in fact based on the lie that you would not get Covid if you took them.

Let’s be clear folks: It is considered “abusive” by Twitter to state two truths about a public figure and call for them to be punished as a direct consequence of the harms that occurred to others due to their own personal and willful actions which they took for the purpose of profit, whether professional, monetary, political or otherwise.

Elon Musk is observably not on the side of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. And yes, my @voxday account is still “permanently suspended” and that status was recently confirmed to be correct by Twitter customer support.

As Karl points out, the reports about Tucker Carlson making Twitter the foundation of his next platform tends to raise serious questions about which side Mr. Carlson truly serves.