The Limits Have Been Reached

It’s not going to be too much longer before Europe is riven by violent internal conflict between the pro-migration forces and the nationalist forces, as evidenced by this recent event in three Italian lake towns.

It is the first significant incident of the kind that critics of unrestricted and, above all, unconditional mass migration have feared for decades. On the southern shores of Lake Garda, around 1,500 North Africans formed a mob that undertook a violent “war campaign” through several localities.

There were attacks, multiple cases of severe property damage, and numerous cases of sexual assault. The perpetrators waved African flags and shouted slogans of “reconquest.” The call for the roundup is said to have been made on June 2 via Tiktok. The towns affected were Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo and Desenzano.

The African mob moved through the streets of the villages, destroying shop windows and attacking tourists and bystanders.

To the contrary, it is the supporters of unrestricted and unconditional mass migration who have feared this moment for decades. The critics always knew it was going to come. Ethnic cleansing is inevitable. It has always happened, sooner or later, throughout the course of history.

The only question is who will remain, the natives or the newcomers.