Preparing for Defeat

Clown World’s pet politicians and intellectuals are beginning to change the Narrative and prepare the public for its inevitable defeat in Ukraine.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine may not end in victory for Kiev, and its Western backers should prepare for such an outcome, Czech President Petr Pavel has told The Guardian newspaper.

“I think we should do anything… at our disposal to encourage Ukrainians and to support them to be successful. But internally, we should also be ready for other contingencies,” said Pavel, who was in London for the coronation of King Charles III.

A lot will depend on the outcome of Ukraine’s planned spring counteroffensive, explained the Czech leader, who has a background in intelligence and served as chairman of the NATO Military Committee between 2015 and 2018.

The outcome is not in doubt. While the game still needs to be played out, the Russians are as confident of victory now as they were in 1943, when Stalin, post-Tehran, commented: “Roosevelt has given me his firm word to open extensive actions in France in 1944. I think he will keep his word. And if he doesn’t keep his word, we are strong enough to crush Hitler and Germany on our own.”

Notice that Clown World strategist emeritus, who was among the first clowns to recognize that the neoliberal world order was in decline back in 2014, is now openly predicting a negotiated settlement brokered by the Chinese.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has told CBS News that the conflict in Ukraine may be approaching a turning point, and that Chinese-brokered peace talks could begin by the end of 2023.

“Now that China has entered the negotiation, it will come to a head, I think by the end of the year,” the 99-year-old diplomat told CBS in an interview broadcast on Sunday. By that time, he continued, “we will be talking about negotiating processes and even actual negotiations.”

Kissinger drew the ire of Kiev last year when he suggested that Ukraine should accept a return to the “status quo ante,” or relinquish its territorial claims to Crimea and grant autonomy to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, in the name of peace. He has since suggested that these territories become the basis of negotiations after a ceasefire and Russian withdrawal.

I have no doubt that Kissinger is sending a signal to Putin that Clown World is finally willing to compromise, but I am dubious that the Russians – or the Chinese – will be short-sighted enough to settle for what is on offer, given that it is already within their grasp. Putin has openly stated that the Russian objective is not merely the declowning of Ukraine, but of Europe and the West.

And there is no reason for China to encourage a settlement on the Ukraine front when peace there would permit the military forces of Clown World to concentrate on Taiwan. Which is why I anticipate, to the contrary, the opening of a third front somewhere else in the world, most likely either a) the Middle East or b) Africa.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the clowns in the EU are just digging themselves in deeper:

The European Union is seeking to tighten its economic screws on Russia by sanctioning Chinese companies that conduct trade with Moscow, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

They’ve clearly learned absolutely nothing from the way their anti-Russian sanctions boomeranged on them. And now they’re encouraging the biggest manufacturing country on the planet to remove itself from the shrinking “global” economy.

Watching Clown World try to throw its nonexistent weight around is disturbingly like seeing an obese 50-year-old former cheerleader strutting around in a miniskirt still thinking she’s hot.