Now Wait a Minute

While we’re on the subject of stolen land and all:

Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca, who is reportedly running for re-election, has suggested that white-owned businesses should be taxed at a higher rate than black-owned businesses, and that this revenue should then be given directly to black-owned businesses. Her apparent justification for this is that white people have built what they have on “stolen land, stolen labor, and stolen resources.”

I’m very curious to know how anyone can seriously broach the subject of reparations for historical crimes and decide that descendants of Africans from Africa, many of whom were never enslaved, should be compensated for land stolen – and yes, for the most part it was stolen, just read the treaties – in North America from the American Indians?

If there are any reparations to be paid to anyone – and I’m not saying there should be – shouldn’t they be paid to the descendants of those who actually owned and lived upon the land that was stolen?