History for Europe

Residents of the European Union can now subscribe to Castalia History using the (EU) subscription. There is also the option for an annual (EU) subscription. You will see there is an additional charge to cover the higher cost of shipping to and within Europe, which is why the separate subscription is necessary, but even with the additional charge the price is favorable in comparison with Easton and Folio. European subscriptions will require one catchup payment to bring them up to date, as will regular History subscriptions begun in May.

While we won’t announce the books until the appropriate three-month period begins, the second, third, and fourth History books have been selected and two of them are already being scanned. We’re hoping our new production methods will help speed things up considerably while continuing to improve the overall quality.

On the general shipping front, please remain patient. We are actively working on providing a reliable alternative for our presently incapacitated partner and we will keep you posted accordingly. Once we get Europe established and the shipping situation resolved, we will turn our attention to Australia and Asia.