Anywhere and Anytime

In what can hardly be described as an “assassination attempt”, two drones launched at the Kremlin were shot down by Moscow air defenses this morning. The Russians don’t appear to be particularly worked up over it:

Russia reserves the right to retaliate “anywhere and anytime it deems necessary” in response to the drone attack on President Vladimir Putin’s residence, the Kremlin has said. Officials said two Ukrainian drones attempted to strike the Kremlin early on Wednesday morning, but the raid was thwarted. The president was not hurt in the “terrorist attack,” and the Kremlin complex did not suffer any damage, Putin’s office said.

Russia Today, 3 May 2023

Compare the dry description by Russia Today with the histrionic version that appears in The Daily Mail.

Russia has accused Ukraine of attempting to assassinate Vladimir Putin in a double drone strike on the Kremlin overnight.

Moscow furiously decried the attack as ‘a planned terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the President of the Russian Federation.’

The allegation of the failed assassination attempt was made by the Kremlin today and reported by Russian news agencies.

It said two drones had been used in the alleged attack, but had been disabled by Russian defences. Extraordinary video purportedly showed the moment the drone struck the Kremlin, with flames and smoke seen erupting from the domed roof.

‘Two unmanned vehicles were aimed at the Kremlin… the devices were put out of action,’ Moscow’s statement read. In a chilling threat, Russia made clear it reserved the right to respond to the alleged drone strike.

The Daily Mail, 3 May 2023

Meanwhile, the Kiev regime is drafting men over 60 and forcing them to join the military. From a Ukrainian expat whose father has been drafted:

Other men from my father’s church have also been taken into the military. Men that I grew up around, who have wives and children. One was at an interview to work for the railroad, because they are supposedly exempt from military service due to their contributions. A prerequisite to acquiring the job was to go to a military instillation to provide updated medical information. They took him immediately into service without barely any notice to say goodbye to his wife. Apparently there has been an order put out to basically bring on board as many men into service as possible for a major counter assault. Old men (early 60s) are being taken away from their homes by military police and being put into service because they ignored the draft letters.

Things appear to be coming to a head soon. Considering that neither Napoleon nor Hitler managed to defeat Russia, I wouldn’t bet a wooden nickel on Biden, Zelensky, and Victoria Nuland. I suspect that the main reason Russia continues to bide its time is because the economic war is absolutely ravaging its enemies and steadily improving its relative position.