The Failure of the Materialist Model

Those who blame every form of evil and insanity on “corporate greed” will find it very difficult to explain why Clown World is so willing to sacrifice the US and European economies and destroy corporate profits on behalf of Ukraine and Taiwan:

President Joe Biden will stop at nothing to protect America against security threats posed by China, even if it means damaging the US economy, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has claimed.

“National security is of paramount importance in our relationship with China,” Yellen said during a speech in Washington in Wednesday. She gave the example of blocking China from obtaining certain technologies, adding, “We will not compromise on these concerns, even when they force trade-offs with our economic interests.”

It’s evident that China and Russia are leading the charge against Clown World’s satanic hegemony, and that more and more countries are showing signs of following their lead. This is a spiritual war between the global satanists and the nations, not an economic war between rival sets of materialists, which is why all of the secular and materialist analysts are completely off every time they make a prediction or offer an explanation for why things are happening.