The Secret History of Microsoft

Charles Johnson raises some interesting questions about the great technological success story of the 1980s.

You might even consider auditioning for the role of public face because everyone knows that casting a hero is very important.

Casting calls work wonders and work well. The person should be young but presentable and preferable approachable so that media can either love to hate them or hate to love them. They could even be a child star, groomed as it were, over many years. They should be rebellious but in a playful way and maybe even be willing to appear on Saturday Night Live in a pinch.

From Time in 2007: “There’s a great photo of Bill Gates from 1977, the year he would have graduated from Harvard if he hadn’t dropped out. He was 22 at the time and looks all of 16. He’s got a flowered collar, tinted glasses and feathered blond hair, and he looks so happy, you’d swear he knew what the rest of his life was going to be like. He also has a sign around his neck: it’s a mug shot. “I was out driving Paul [Allen]’s car,” Gates says, flashing that same smile 30 years later. “They pulled me over, and I didn’t have my license, and they put me in with all the drunks all night long. And that’s why the rest of my life, I’ve always tried to have a fair amount of cash with me. I like the idea of being able to bail myself out.”
To supervise our young genius — don’t you dare say otherwise! — you might even consider putting a small, insular, smart, mostly trustworthy minority in charge, albeit behind the scenes. Such a community would need to self-police and, if its deep state technology, be able to pass a security clearance. So no drugs, please!

You might, in other words, go with the Church of Latter-day Saints. And that’s precisely what was done when the powers that be created Novell, the second largest provider of software for personal computers after Microsoft. It may also be what’s going on with other more modern tech billionaires but we aren’t allowed to talk about that just yet. No, we cannot talk about how Mormons are often assigned to keep an eye on our would-be wayward tech entrepreneurs and how this is for their own good.

How Microsoft defeated Novell with the help of foreign intelligence and organized crime is a subject we shall explore in future posts.

I don’t know anything about the Microsoft story beyond the mainstream narrative, and other than a brief amount of contact with Alex St. John in their initial foray into games, I never had any contact with them except as a consumer. But, I have to admit, nothing Bill Gates has said ever left me with an impression of an exceptional intelligence.

UPDATE: The Miles Mathis Committee also did a deep dive into Mr. Gates.

In my educated opinion, it means that the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, and Microsoft itself are all fronts for the Matrix. Like Apple Computers and Steve Jobs, they don’t exist like we think. Microsoft would appear to be another big government entity, like Google, with a person from the families simply chosen to front it. Gates is sold to us as a genius of some sort, but I have never seen the least evidence of that. He comes across as a big dope who can barely follow the Teleprompter or the earpiece. He is marginally more presentable than George Bush or Donald Trump, but that isn’t saying much. He has all the charisma of a tunafish sandwich left out in the rain. Which indicates he wasn’t chosen for his personal qualities. He was chosen because he had to be chosen.