Weekend Arktoons

AFTER ATLANTIS Episode 1: Meet Jayesh and Kari

THE RED TATTOO Episode 36: See You Soon

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 220: Precious Old Bones

INVASION ’55 Episode 40: The Townsfolks’ Fate

NEURAL NETWORK NOVELLAS Episode 6: Wanted – Dead Man Episode 1

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Episode 87: Love Poem Episode 5

THE WISE OF HEART Episode 18: A Disgruntled Superintendent

PAPER DOLL VERONIKA Episode 56: Night on Gold Mountain

FULL OF EYES Episode 32: Preparing Glory

CLASSIC BIBLE TALES Episode 92: Beware the Teachers of the Law

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 228: Tell a Phony

We’re pleased to announce that another new independent series launches today, entitled AFTER ATLANTIS, from NetRaptor.