Friday Arktoons

TALES OF THE FENRIS WOLVES Episode 1: Prologue Part I

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 213: Truly Needed

WARMAN Episode 46: Machinegun Justice

FRUG THE WANDERER OF THE WASTELAND Episode 6: Frug goes to Woehio

THE SWORD OF GOD Episode 52: Meanwhile, ft. Ghosts in the Machines

BOB Episode 124: How to Stay Safe

FRIDAY FISH FUNNIES Episode 13: Geography Lesson

FLYING SPARKS Episode 65: Related To A Monster

A MIND PROGRAMMED Episode 17: The Technology of Space

STONETOSS Episode 176: EGStremism

Today marks the launch of a new independent comic with a truly excellent name, TALES OF THE FENRIS WOLVES. Check it out!