Finland Joins NATO

But for how long?

ITEM: Finland overcame the last significant hurdle in its bid to join NATO after Turkey’s parliament today approved a bill to allow the Nordic country to join the Western defence alliance in helping Ukraine. Turkey was the last among the 30 NATO members to ratify Finland’s membership after Hungary’s legislature approved a similar bill earlier this week.

ITEM: Finnish politics could dramatically shift to the far-Right on Sunday as an anti-immigration party aims to replace Sanna Marin’s Social Democrats Party. The ‘rock star’ prime minister, who took office in 2019 as the world’s youngest PM at 34, is Finland’s most popular leader this century, polls show. However, latest figures put the mother-of-one’s centre-Left SDP in third place behind the anti-immigration and nationalist Finns Party and the centre-Right National Coalition Party, which held on to a thin lead.

Translation: The Finnish electorate may like Sanna Marin, but they have little appetite for joining NATO’s losing war against the BRICSIA alliance. The situation looks very different now than it did one year ago, as it is obvious that NATO can’t defend any European country against Russia, let alone against Russia and its allies.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the next Finnish government removes the country from NATO, or as is more likely the case, attempts to do so but is rebuffed by the United States. Remember, NATO is the military wing of the US empire; you can check out, but you will not be permitted to leave.