NOW They Protest?

Germany goes on strike over insufficient wages.

Airports, bus stops, and train stations were at a standstill across Germany on Monday, as more than 400,000 public transportation employees took part in a 24-hour strike. The workers are demanding pay rises to compensate for inflation, which has soared in Germany since last year.

The strike began at midnight and is set to end at midnight on Tuesday. Eight major German airports were affected, with the German Airports Association estimating that around 380,000 travelers were left stranded. Munich Airport shut down entirely from Sunday onwards, with all flights canceled and its terminal deserted.

Deutsche Bahn said on Monday that all long-distance services were canceled, while regional services were only restarting in some areas by Monday evening. Trams, buses, and metro lines were also affected throughout the country.

And yet, the Germans persist in welcoming refugees, re-electing politicians who enforce pro-US policies that murder their economy, bailing out their banks, mass-vaccinating themselves, transferring $62 billion and counting to Israel, and generally supporting Clown World. Of course their economy is in shambles! What other outcome could they possibly have expected?

This industrial action demonstrates a complete inability on the part of the German people to grasp the connection between cause and effect.