Discernment and the Lack Thereof

On last night’s Darkstream, I explained how a lack of discernment is the reason conservatives keeps falling for gatekeepers and accepting former enemies as their thought, opinion, and political leaders, which contributes greatly to conservatism seldom being able to accomplish more than lose gracefully over time. After which, an exchange on SG usefully illustrated how fruitless it is to point out these things to people who will persist in their patterns of behavior no matter what has been explained to them.

SG01: From Darkstream 1013 — “The more someone looks like a messiah, the more we should be worried they are an antichrist.” — Let those longing for a solution via Great Men take heed.

SG02: The antichrist will be widely hailed and pushed by globohomo as a savior. If globohomo hates and opposes him, it’s not a shoo-in, but he might be worth looking deeper into.

FFS, how is it possible that telling people “don’t do X” is somehow heard and interpreted by them as “you should totally do X”?

SG02 is exactly the sort of person who gets fooled on a regular basis by gatekeepers. One can just about guarantee his past enthusiasm for Ben Shapiro “owning the libs” and “making liberal heads explode” before promptly falling for Jordan Peterson’s brave opposition to custom pronouns and Candace Owens’s brave abandonment of her now-forgotten SJW past. In a previous generation, he would have embraced Irving Kristol and the neoconservatives on the basis of their staunch opposition to communism and the Soviet Union.

The “heel turn” is a much-used tool in the Clown World playbook. The Prometheans prefer to have their clowns in control of both sides, which is why I have referred to “the bi-factional ruling party” in place of Democrats and Republicans for more than two decades. Ronald Reagan was probably the most successful heel turn in political history, smoothly transforming himself from a Democratic Party activist to the most-beloved Republican President over a period of less than 20 years, from May 1962 to March 1981. And oh, how the Democrats hated and opposed him!

The only metric for reliably judging an individual is by the sum total of his actual words and deeds, never by his purported opposition or by who “hates and opposes him”. Attempting to objectively determine substance on the basis of an oppositional metric is literally retarded.

Consider: most people genuinely believed Jordan Peterson was opposed by globohomo, indeed, its leading opponent, on the basis of one single softball interview when he’d been working directly for them for decades, even though everything in his books pointed directly to him being an enthusiastic globalist and ticket-taker.

Not only is the oppositional metric reliably false, but it is based on a false foundation. The enemy of your enemy may be your friend, but he should never, ever, be accepted as your leader. And the convert who is ever so eager to help you, nay, to lead and advise you, is almost certainly an infiltrator whose objective is to destroy your organization.