It Was Never About the Trinity

While I have been reluctant to pay the matter any attention whatsoever, I have come to the conclusion that there is a lot more going on here than the usual Internet drama and JimBob is something very, very different than he purported to be when he joined the Bear community and began lavishing attention on Owen. Not only does JimBob increasingly appear to be directly connected to some very bad actors, but his few defenders in the Bear community increasingly appear to be infiltrators as well, as they are shamelessly lying about JimBob, Owen, and now me as well.

For example, JimBob appears to have some connection to this woman, whom he tagged in his 2016 post about pizza-related jewelry.

He also tagged the artist below on the same Instagram post, whose highly-sexualized work is rife the same one-eye symbolism along with plenty of grotesque and evil imagery. There is a LOT more, and a lot worse, than what is seen here.

In response, JimBob’s dishonest defenders have resorted to everything from (a) claiming that the screenshots taken directly from Instagram yesterday, one of which I personally took myself, were fakes…

@WhiskeyDelta It’s a fake screenshot, created by a bear to troll JB. Vox is only sharing it because he’s good friends with Owen. I’m not even sure what site this is on. A search of that exact text finds nothing. If it does exist somewhere, I bet good money the account was created in the last week from an IP in Idaho… I’m not sure what Owen’s end game is here. Whatever happened to the Christian principle of turning the other cheek?

To (b) attempting to redefine the very concept of rhetoric while attempting to change the subject.

@BattleBrotherBear It’s rhetoric because there was no investigation just couple of photos PROVES the TRUTH. Vox and Owen are the wizards…

To claiming that I am lying about the fact that Owen’s subscriber numbers on UATV have increased since the so-called “debate”.

@WhiskeyDelta UaTv doesn’t publish subscription numbers, and Owen’s a proven liar. I stopped watching Owen after this, but in one of his last rants he complained Jimbob was “stealing his audience”. You don’t do that when your cup runneth over.

As I pointed out on Gab, these things are not, as yet, conclusive proof of anything. But the rabbit hole is definitely getting deeper. And considerably darker. It should be informative to see what the VFM and the Troll Hunters learn about the gentleman, his wife, and their associates, as there will certainly be an investigation now.

UPDATE: JimBob’s inept defenders are beginning to retreat. From Gab.

VD: You’re a complete and shameless liar. The screenshots were taken directly from JimBob’s own Instagram page. I took the pizza necklace screenshot dated August 15, 2016 myself.

WhiskeyDelta: Fair enough. I didn’t notice the date.

VD: The date has nothing to do with it. Do you admit that you lied when you stated this? “It’s a fake screenshot, created by a bear to troll JB. Vox is only sharing it because he’s good friends with Owen.”

UPDATE: The genuine Bears have reached a conclusion that appears to be at least partially correct.

Anyone who is defending jimbob is literally defending satanism