Nothing Left to Steal

The more diverse and vibrant the city, the fewer private services will be available to anyone.

Amazon has announced it will be closing several grocery stores in high crime cities like NYC, Seattle and San Francisco, but claims the measure is related to “cost-cutting”. The retail giant said it would be permanently shutting down eight of its 29 Amazon Go stores, which are designed for maximum convenience as the shopper can just scan the items as they leave, with no staff required.

Walmart is also closing its final two stores in Portland, but cited the same ‘profitability’ excuse as Amazon, prompting widespread skepticism. Jeremy Girard of the Oregon Retail Crime Association says shoplifting in the city has a “crisis level” and stores are losing $5 million per year to theft.

So, the good news is that diversity can freely steal whatever it can get its hands on with no legal consequences. The bad news is that there is no longer anything to steal.

This is why retreat is not a viable long-term strategy. The parasites always go where the hosts are.