Stillborn in Singapore

The fertility-reduction effects of the vaxx are starting to appear in the Asian statistics now:

The Asian city-state of Singapore is small, wealthy, regimented, and very good at collecting and publishing data. Last week, it released full-year 2022 data on deaths, live births, and stillbirths. Here’s the chart on stillbirths. Official Singaporean government data, nothing less or more.

73 stillbirths in 2019.

78 in 2020.

78 in 2021.

133 in 2022.

Looks like about a 70 percent jump annual, after three years in which the figures remained essentially flat. The reality is even worse.

Singapore puts out these reports each quarter. In the first quarter of 2022, it reported only 13 stillbirths, compared to 18 in 2021. Thus, in April through December 2022, stillbirths doubled to 120 – from 60 during the same period a year before. This increase in stillbirths from April through December did NOT occur because of a rise in births. In fact, the opposite is true.

Births in Singapore fell 10 percent in the final three quarters of 2022, a marked shift from the January-March period, when they rose about 1 percent (due entirely to increases in January and Feburary). The decline has not eased, either; births fell 15 percent in December.

In other words, stillbirths doubled from April to December even as live births fell, reversing the early 2022 pattern.

We always knew it was going to be bad. Now the question is how much worse it is going to get. Are the effects gradually going to wear off, or are they going to get stronger as the vaxxed body continues to produce spike proteins?

My expectation is the latter, and we’ll have confirmation of that as governments start hiding their population and health statistics in a futile attempt to prevent the vaxxed from realizing what has been done to them and their children. I say “futile” because, sooner or later, the reality is going to become obvious to even the most thoroughly brainwashed individuals.