Organizational Assassinations

James O’Keefe is not the only effective leader who has recently been ejected from the organization he founded.

For years the Frontline Doctors have courageously stepped forward to protect Americans.
From our previous Gateway Pundit articles the Frontline Doctors spoke out to:
** Stop forced experimental vaccines
** Stop forced experimental vaccines on children
** Stop forced experimental drugs on commercial pilots
** Allow HCQ as permissible and effective treatment for COVID virus
** Stop the use of failed Ebola drup Remdesivir for treatment of COVID
** COVID vaccines can change the timing of the menstrual cycle

In a hostile takeover bid, the AFLDS Board of Directors is attempting to remove Dr. Simone Gold from the organization she founded and worked tirelessly for to defend medical freedom and civil rights.

It’s not just politics. Jack Nicklaus not only got ejected from the Nicklaus Companies, but is actually getting sued by his own company for trying to put his own name on his own work.

By hiring advisers to help sell a minority share (49%) of his companies, Nicklaus hoped to find a partner who would help the company grow beyond where Nicklaus had taken it… The deal would never be what Milstein or Nicklaus foresaw, and the finances of Nicklaus Companies would continually run below projections, which would require additional financing and eventually control of the company going from Nicklaus to Milstein.

Nicklaus had a year left on his original employment agreement he signed in 2007 and, with the poor fortunes of the company, was looking to terminate his employment and let his five-year noncompete run out so he could be free of the company by ’17.

“Howard subsequently asked me not to terminate my employment and instead give him the opportunity to turn the company around in the wake of the recession,” Nicklaus said. “I felt that was the right thing to do, so I agreed to accept what became known as the ‘Employment, Governance and Control Agreement.’”

The agreement changed Nicklaus’s compensation, tying it to the company’s revenue from design and marketing projects.

The new agreement also gave Emigrant Bank governance and control of the board of managers and made Milstein the board’s co-chairman.

It also gave Milstein the controlling vote of all major decisions.

Don’t take the money. Never take the money. Once you take the money, they own you, even if you think it is only “a minority share”. And almost as importantly, never, ever cut it close. When you try to get cute and cut things close, someone always finds a way to push the ball across the line, one way or another.