Castalia Newsletter 3.0

As the Castalia Library subscribers already know, we have begun to address one of the primary problems we’ve been facing over the last 18 months, which has been our inability to keep our subscribers, backers, and supporters regularly informed concerning the state of the various products and projects they are supporting. We left Mailchimp when Stefan Molyneux was deplatformed, but the alternative we tried utilizing proved to be totally deficient because it proactively removed a significant percentage of emails that we knew to be good due to some algorithm that we were not permitted to turn off.

We tried going back to Mailchimp, but had a similar problem as it would not accept too many of the very emails that we had exported from it in the first place! It was apparent that “nothing works anymore” syndrome had struck the mass email industry with a particular vengeance. However, we’ve experimented with various other competitors and now we appear to have found one that actually does what is supposed to do, which is send the same email to a list of email addresses without undue interference.

Over the next week, we will be adding to the mailing list the various campaign backers, the UATV subscribers, the Arktoons subscribers, and others who have expressly given us permission – although “demanded’ or “begged” might be a more apt descriptions, depending upon the subscriber – to contact them via email. Castalia Library subscribers are already on the list.

But if you’re not sure you are on the mailing list because you’ve changed emails or you’re a new reader, you can sign up for the Castalia newsletter, which will regularly provide news and updates about Arkhaven Comics, Arktoons, Dark Legion Books, Castalia House books, Castalia Library editions, and the Castalia Bindery, by using the form below or by clicking on the button on the left sidebar.

I also strongly recommend whitelisting the email address from which you receive the newsletter in order to reduce the likelihood of it going to spam or junk. I will also attempt to note on the blog when an email has been sent out, which may help subscribers know when to check their spam boxes.

UPDATE: Please read the confirmation directions. Sending an email to us to “confirm” your email address will not verify your email address to them, so you will not be added to the list if you send an email to us instead of clicking on the button in the email.

UPDATE: One more thing. Please remember you have to verify your email to have it added to the mailing list. That means clicking on the button they send you in response to signing up. It’s a two-stage process, and so far 212 people have signed up with the form, but only 70 have completed the process and been successfully added to the list.


Now you can sign up for regular email updates for news about Arkhaven, Castalia House, and Castalia Library projects, book releases,and production schedules.