The Media Loses Narrative Control

The Foreign Ministry of China calls out the US media for failing to cover the expose on the US military’s destruction of the Nordstream pipelines and demands that Washington account for its actions concerning the attack on European energy supplies.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday urged the US to make “a responsible explanation” to the world, after veteran US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in a latest article, accused the US of being the culprit behind the Nord Stream gas pipelines blasts in September 2022.

Hersh, an 85-year-old Pulitzer Prize winner, published the article on his personal website on Wednesday, stating that the US military was involved in sabotaging the Nord Stream gas pipelines after senior White House officials plotted for nine months within the national security community.

“If Hersh’s investigative report is true, this is unacceptable behavior and must be held accountable,” said Mao Ning, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “The US should give a responsible explanation to the world,” Mao said at a routine press briefing on Friday when asked to comment on Hersh’s article.

Mao said that the Nord Stream gas pipelines are a major piece of transnational infrastructure, and the explosions have had a significant negative impact on the global energy market and the global ecological environment. When asked to comment on US mainstream media’s silence over Hersh’s investigation, Mao stated that “it’s not the first time” that US media has done so.

“It proves that some US media outlets do not care what the truth is. They are deaf to the truth that really matters, and what is loudly hyped by them is often not the truth, but a false narrative,” Mao said.

Even as the mainstream media attempts to clamp down on alternative US-based news sources that falsify its false narratives using the patently absurd excuse of stopping “disinformation”, the reach and influence of the Chinese media is expanding.

Consider this: a single episode of the newly-launched Midnight’s War in Chinese already has 260,000 views. To put it in perspective, that would make it the #2 independent comic on Webtoons, as the most popular series there averages 263,043 views.

The spread of technology around the world has evened the playing field, which is why it is no longer possible for five media companies controlling a relatively small market of 330 million to dictate a global narrative for 8 billion people.