More Sanctions on China

I think we all know how this is going to end:

The US announced new sanctions against China on Friday, targeting six companies linked to Beijing’s suspected surveillance program. The move comes after a Chinese “spy balloon” was spotted and shot down in US airspace.

In a statement, the US Commerce Department said the entities were being blacklisted for supporting China’s “military modernization efforts, specifically those related to aerospace programs.” These included airships, balloons and related materials used by Beijing for intelligence and reconnaissance.

The new restrictions will make it harder for the sanctioned companies to obtain US technologies.

I’m sure the Chinese are quaking in their boots. Where will they ever get advanced technology that they don’t already possess? If only there was an island within 100 miles that possessed all the very latest and greatest in semiconductor technology!

At this point, the only question is whether the neoclowns are intentionally pushing the USA and Europe into defeat by the Sino-Russian alliance or if they are still hoping that the US military can defeat both China and Russia before they completely lose their influence in the USA.

My assumption is the latter, because if there is one useful piece of counterintuitive information that we have learned about Clown World over the years, it is that it is more tactically than strategically oriented, and its preferences are much more short term than one would tend to imagine. Keep in mind that a tactic blindly repeated and ultimately successful is, in hindsight, indistinguishable from a strategy.

And also remember that the seeds of future failure are sown by past success.

UPDATE: Yeah, so this wasn’t at all a foreseeable consequence of all the “hey, let’s fight China as soon as we’re done with Russia” talk from the neoclowns.

China is aiming to increase the number of itsnuclear warheads to 900 by 2035 as a deterrent against the US, Chinese sources have told Kyodo news agency. According to people familiar with the matter, President Xi Jinping has already approved the plan to double the country’s nuclear arsenal, the Korean agency reported on Saturday.

The number of China’s warheads is likely to grow from around 400 to 550 by 2027 and reach 900 in 2035, Kyodo’s interlocutors claimed.

Here’s my prediction. By 2035, both China’s and Russia’s nuclear arsenals will each be larger than the US nuclear arsenal, even in the event the USA still exists as a single, unitary political entity. Industrial capacity is the primary determinant of who wins global wars.