Japan Signs Up for Suicide

Or, quite possibly, not.

Now, I realize how this sounds to Western ears. And if a similar statement were released by the foreign minister of Sweden or Croatia or even Argentina, taking the words at face value would almost certainly be the correct interpretation. As we’ve witnessed time after time in the USA, when a corporation or a private organization makes a public statement about committing to diversity, it has already drunk the Kool-Aid and entered the death spiral.

But the Japanese are absolute masters about saying no in a non-confrontational manner. “It’s difficult” means “no”. “It’s complicated” means “absolutely not”. And “explaining a commitment to work to realize” means “never going to happen, roundeye”.

If Japan was truly interested in committing national suicide, it doesn’t need to sign up for diversity. It can achieve extinction a lot faster by simply declaring war against the Sino-Russian alliance, as neither nation has forgotten its defeat and humiliation at the hands of Imperial Japan in the 20th century.