US Disavows Navy SEAL

Do they seriously think no one has ever seen Mission Impossible or SEAL Team? We all know that the posthumous disavowing of a special forces operative or an intelligence agent doesn’t mean that the individual wasn’t on a government-sanctioned mission.

The US Navy confirmed on Friday that a member of the elite SEAL force was killed in eastern Ukraine, but said that Naval Special Warfare Operator Daniel Swift was in “active deserter status.” Swift died on January 18 from injuries sustained in combat with Russian forces, an unnamed US Navy official told reporters in a background briefing.

This means that World War III is already hot, if only on a small scale. US soldiers have been fighting in Ukraine against Russian forces for weeks, if not months. I suspect we’re eventually going to learn that there have been a lot of “active deserters” who have been operating as “foreign mercenaries” in Ukraine.

“Active deserter status” = black ops.

UPDATE: Swift is the sixth US citizen to be confirmed killed in Ukraine by the State Department.