What Happens When You Take the Ticket

Andrew Torba, a man who has rejected a ticket or two in his day, explains what happens when you sell your soul to Conservative Inc.

What happens when you sell your soul to Conservative Inc?

Let’s look at what happens when someone signs on the dotted line with a Conservative Inc company like The Daily Wire. Jordan Peterson did just that several months ago. The first videos Peterson released after joining The Daily Wire chastised Muslims and Christians with criticism and scolding. Noticeably he provided none of the same complaints and scolding to people of the Jewish faith. Instead, he is now making trips to Israel, crying on stage, praising them, and doing glowing interviews with Benjamin Netanyahu. This is what it looks like to sell your soul for money and become a dancing clown for Ben Shapiro and Israel.

Last fall, Ye came under scrutiny from the media for expressing similar concerns to Crowder with certain music industry contracts that were equally exploitative. Ye was then promptly banned from social media, bank accounts, and much more for criticizing the group of people behind these contracts.

As it turns out, the same group of people are behind Steven Crowder’s exploitative term sheet offer from The Daily Wire. So, it appears Ye indeed had a point about exploitative contracts from Jewish media moguls. These are the facts, and the gatekeepers at Conservative Inc don’t want you to discuss these uncomfortable truths. It’s not Christians running these companies and making these deals. Ye told you who is running them, and they destroyed him for it.

When Ye’s friend Candace Owens, who works for The Daily Wire, went to bat to defend him, Ben Shapiro quickly put her in her place to stop it. Signing on the dotted line with The Daily Wire means you are forbidden from discussing topics that make Ben Shapiro uncomfortable. Topics that are essential to breaking down the problems in our society and that are culturally, spiritually, and politically relevant. Taking the deal with the Devil means you must shut your mouth about these topics and must leave your friends and principles hanging under the bus.

I’ve had my differences with Torba in the past. Our falling out – at a time when he had written the original foreword to SJWS ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN – was real, serious, and substantive. We’ve since sorted out those differences, and one thing we definitely now have in common is that neither of us has any interest whatsoever in cooperation with Conservative Inc.

And I can confirm that he definitely knows what he’s talking about here. He’s been offered the world on a platter, just like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, Milo Yiannopoulos, William F. Buckley, and others before, and he had the integrity to turn it down because he quite rightly values his immortal soul more than the filthy and fake digital debt they are offering for it.

Last summer, I said that to be a leader or influencer on the right, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be a Christian. I said in no uncertain terms that people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson have no place in any serious right-wing movement and resistance to the Regime unless they become Christians. I got a lot of flack for this from the media and many people on the right, but I stand by it, and now you see why.

He’s absolutely right. I don’t pay serious attention to any commentator who is not a Christian anymore, because non-Christians in the West have literally no ability to understand the nature of the global geopolitical conflict or the reason for the decline and coming collapse of the United States. And failing to understand either of those things, their analyses are always incorrect and usually irrelevant.