He’s Going to Win That Bet

Steve Kirsch challenges Jonathan Bing concerning the percentage of vaxxed who have damaged hearts:

On a Twitter space just now, I claimed that 20% (or more) of people develop objectively measurable cardiac injury within 4 months of the shot. Jonathan Bing (@jonbingnj) called me a misinformation spreader (which of course I took as a compliment). I then challenged Jonathan, in front of a live audience, to put his money where his mouth is. To my delight (and utter amazement), he accepted.

I’ll propose terms similar to the Saar Wilf term sheet, but since it’s only $50K, we can relax some of the terms, e.g., 3 mutually agreeable judges and you need to get all three judges to win, otherwise it’s a draw. And we can skip the escrow. I trust Jonathan will pay when I win.

He’s playing it safe with that 20 percent. He could probably go as high as 50 percent and be confident of winning the bet.