Clown World “Democracy”

Clown World’s puppet in Ukraine helpfully demonstrates that whatever it is the clowns mean by “democracy”, it isn’t “the will of the people” that most people around the world and the dictionary have historically defined it to be.

President Vladimir Zelensky has announced that the Ukrainian passports of Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the banned Opposition Platform – For Life party, and several other current and former opposition MPs have been revoked. Medvedchuk, Andrey Derkach, Taras Kozak and Renat Kuzmin have been stripped of their Ukrainian citizenship based on materials prepared by the country’s Security Service (SBU) and migration authorities, and in line with the constitution, Zelensky said on Tuesday.

This follows the Kiev regime’s similar action in stripping a number of Orthodox church leaders of their citizenship. In addition to further proving that Clown World’s claims that it is defending “democracy” in Ukraine to be a blatant lie, Zelensky’s actions are also highlighting the difference between a nation and a state.

The “Ukraine” that Zelensky rules is not the Ukrainian people. It’s just a political apparatus, in the same way that the “United States” is not, and has very little to do with, the American people who are the Posterity of the Founders and for whom the Constitution was written.

One cannot strip a person of his nationhood because it is his birthright and can be confirmed by external bodies through the use of genetic science. But since one observably can strip a person of his government-issued identity, this proves that the issuing body is not, and can never be, synonymous with the nation.

Regardless, the primary lesson here is that the ideal of democracy, even if perfectly realized, inevitably leads to the monstrous forms of skinsuit faux democracy as practiced in Ukraine, the USA, Brazil, and throughout the so-called democracies of East and West.