Too Little, Too Stupid, Too Late

The Prometheans have belatedly realizing that they’re going to lose, and lose very badly, due to their decades-long war on masculinity in general and white men in particular. From the chans:

l’m a staffer for a major news network in Australia. We’ve been instructed by the government to begin a long term military recruitment campaign. We’re about 2-3 years away from a massive war. This campaign will be long and gradual.

Phase 0 was the never ending coverage of Ukraine.

Phase 1 will be a gradual increase in news of the weaponry our country has.

A lot of the intermediate phases seem mundane, but the whole process is to get as many men as possible comfortable and desensitized to war. The last phases will involve teaching women to be ashamed of and to shame non-military men. There will soon be ninja-warrior type of shows but in the military training theme. They’re going to try to make military sexy.

Basically, manipulate women to desire it, which pushes men to go into it.

Someone brought up the issue of “sites like 4chan”. Some old boomer said there will be teams dedicated for those kinds of websites.

Massive war = China takes Australia. If I was living in Australia, I would start studying Chinese.

Don’t fight for Clown World, no matter how Globohomo suddenly hides its rainbow flags and begins loudly proclaiming its love and patriotism for the very nations it has feverishly sought to destroy. The enemy within the West is far more pernicious, far more evil, and far more to be opposed than the purported enemy without.

And inoculate your sons against the lies they will be relentlessly told. Because the Empire of Lies is coming for them. Let Clown World’s sacred diversity defend it, if they can.

Second- or third-generation foreign immigrants may appear outwardly to be entirely assimilated, but they often constitute a weakness in two directions. First, their basic human nature often differs from that of the original imperial stock. If the earlier imperial race was stubborn and slow-moving, the immigrants might come from more emotional races, thereby introducing cracks and schisms into the national policies, even if all were equally loyal. Second, while the nation is still affluent, all the diverse races may appear equally loyal. But in an acute emergency, the immigrants will often be less willing to sacrifice their lives and their property than will be the original descendants of the founder race.

Fate of Empires, Sir John Glubb

The irony is that it is only the vaccinated young men who will be stupid and gullible enough to fall for the coming campaign.