The Losers Lauding the Lame

This, according to the mainstream media, is what passes for a brutal, quick-witted, and savage burn.

Miss Thunberg today issued a brutal comeback in a tweet to her 4.9million followers, saying:

‘Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalld***’

The teenager’s quick-witted response sparked a social media storm, going viral within minutes – and garnering support from fans online. Miss Thunberg’s tweet roasting Tate surpassed a total of one millions likes in just seven hours – currently standing at nearly 1.7million likes as of 10.30pm.

It would have been funny to see them try to immediately perform a 180 and start shrieking about body-shaming if Andrew Tate was actually half as hard as he pretends to be and had replied with something like:

“I thought your email was!”

Can you imagine the outrage of the professional hypocrites? Sadly, he didn’t have the steel, although “How dare you!” wasn’t bad.

What’s even more pathetic than the media pretending that the Gretard’s softball was some sort of amped-up Oscar Wilde zinger is the retards on social media acting as if she threw a 150 MPH heater that broke his jaw.

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