On the Cold Snap

The smartest man in the world says it is the result of US government weather modification:

A Few Choice Words on the Geoengineered “Polar Vortex”

I live on a ranch smack in the middle of the US Heartland. There are 3000 people or so in this entire county. We’re a hundred miles from the nearest airport able to handle commercial jetliners. Yet last week, just prior to the “polar vortex”, the sky over our property was a fluffy white tic tac toe game played by what appeared to be large jet tankers belching out ugly non-dissipating contrails which were smudged and smeared by the wind into expansive blotches that blotted out the sun. This has been going on ever since we moved here nearly 20 years ago.

There is no way to explain this in terms of normal air traffic generating the usual vapor-laden jet contrails. The “contrails” do not look or behave like water vapor or ice crystals, and there is no reason that we should ever see more than a single jet airliner overhead, maybe two at rush hour (the usual number on a clear day is 0). I’ve checked the airline schedules, and there’s simply no way. The government is once again trying to kill us, and you’d better believe that this record “cold snap” is taking quite a death toll.

This farmhouse presently feels like an icy tomb. The warmest spot in the house registers 50 degrees. We have animals here about which we’re very, very worried. Animals are tough, but notoriously susceptible to attempts by humans to kill them. This is such an attempt, and it is being made without our permission or approval. Whoever is responsible for this has no right to be doing it.

This sounds far-fetched, to be sure. But if we’ve learned one thing about “conspiracy theory” since the CIA invented the term to discredit observers who doubted the official story about the JFK assassination, it’s that the conspiracy theorists are much more likely to be correct than the apologists for the mainstream narrative.