Tuesday Arktoons

MIDNIGHT’S WAR Episode 60: Alert Alert

BOB Episode 96: Belong

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 171: The Yankee Doodle X-Factor

BEN GARRISON Episode 84: Barrel of Faucis

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Episode 71: Christmas at Greyfriars

STONETOSS Episode 148: Organ Failure

CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON Episode 86: Welcome Home


As the campaign winds down with only four days left, MIDNIGHT’S WAR gets a bit… darker. These vampires do not sparkle and they are not, even remotely, the good guys. Don’t forget that you can now add the limited edition hardcover of OUT OF THE SHADOWS to your backing.

UPDATE: The bankruptcy of Aftershock Comics is just a harbinger of the failures that are in the process of sweeping the comics industry. Thanks to the continued support of the backers, Arkhaven Comics continues to grow slowly, and steadily, and anticipates being one of the only survivors. The failure of Aftershock tends to demonstrate that we were a) correct to avoid traditional distribution and b) did well to make the pivot to Arktoons.

Can’t imagine how it could have possibly have failed…


The comic follows Doctor Christopher Boldt, a surgeon running for Boston City Council. Unbeknown to the wider public, his father, Orin Paige, is one of Boston’s most notorious gangsters. Until now, Paige had been happy “to deny any connection to his queer son, who he sees as a liability in the mob world. Now, Chris’s political aspirations have put father and son on a collision course.


Witch. The word conjures images of hags in black robes and crooked hats, standing over cauldrons of bubbling brew. But witches are among us, and we do not realize it. They are our friends and neighbors. They are our family members. They are our idols.