Black Magick War

Zelensky might sound insane, and from a rational materialist perspective he probably is. But then, rational materialists, by definition, are not capable of recognizing or analyzing the esoteric:

‘Reconquest’ of Crimea has started – Zelensky

Ukrainians are now psychologically ready to retake the Crimean Peninsula from Russia by force, President Vladimir Zelensky told French broadcaster TF1 in an interview on Sunday. “The Reconquest” of Crimea has supposedly already started in Ukrainians’ heads, the president claimed, hinting that he could visit the “de-occupied” peninsula as early as 2023.

“The operation itself has not started yet,” Zelensky said, when asked about Kiev’s plans for Crimea. “When it starts, you will definitely hear about it,” he told TF1, adding that he personally believes “the reconquest of Crimea has started in people’s heads, and that’s very important.”

There is genuine intent behind this seemingly lunatic announcement. It’s an obvious attempt to speak will into being. However, the Russians are also actively engaged in the spiritual war, which is why Zelensky has banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He regards the Christians in Ukraine as being as much his masters’ enemies as the Russians.

I suspect it won’t be long now before the Russians launch a massive offensive, because Zelensky appears to be rapidly approaching the “Hitler in the bunker” stage.