Free Speech Was Always Fake

There is not, and there has never been, any such thing as a right to free speech or freedom of expression. And we’re seeing how false the pretense that there is again now that Elon Musk is kicking a few journalists off of Twitter.

Evil always plays by the principle of “rules for thee but not for me”. It will switch from “free speech absolutism” to “there is no place for hate speech” in a blink of an eye depending upon whom is being affected. This is why there was never any reason to permit the Enlightenment war against Christianity, and in particular, the “free speech” campaign against the Christian blasphemy laws, which was the entire purpose of that campaign from the very start.

If you don’t believe me, read A HISTORY OF THE FREEDOM OF THOUGHT by historian JB Bury, who was not only a great historian and the editor of THE CAMBRIDGE MEDIEVAL HISTORY SERIES, but a strong and effective champion of Enlightenment principles.