Junior Classics Leather 1-6

Attention: Junior Classics Leather Set backers.

Please send your current shipping address to: castalialibrary-AT-infogalactic-DOT-com.

Please do not “confirm” your current address or send a useless note that says “it’s the same as it was before”. Send the current shipping address in this form, preferably on one line, please, as described below. Do not send it to me or to any email address other than the one specified. Send your current shipping address to castalialibrary-AT-infogalactic-DOT-com.

Backer ID, Name and Lastname, Quantity (sets, not books), Address, City, State, Country, Postal Code (Zip), Email address. Separate the sections by comma, so that the line looks like this:

12345, Name Lastname, 1, 123 Main Street Apt #2, San Diego, CA, USA, 55555, email@url.com

If you don’t know your backer ID from the campaign, just use 000 and we’ll look it up. That’s all we need. We’ll be sending out an email to all the backers too, so hopefully we can start having them shipped next week if everyone responds quickly.

Those who purchased sets from the Arkhaven store do NOT need to send in their addresses unless you have a different shipping address than the one you provided when you ordered it. There are only 10 sets left, so if you would like one, this will be your last chance for a while.

UPDATE: In other Castalia Library news, the Libraria stamping for A THRONE OF BONES Vol. I has been approved.

It’s gold and it glitters.